Meet the Photographer


After winning multiple awards with my sketches and drawings, growing up I knew I needed to do something creative for a career path. Between my artistic eye and love for people, I can't see myself doing anything else. Now, with 9 years behind the lens and over 250 weddings in the books, I look back and still can't believe that I am doing something I love every day and that makes people so incredibly happy.


adventure, plane, skydive, blue, jump

Photography (of course)

Red wine


Road trips

My fur children

Anything with glitter

Day-cations to new places

Riding my jet ski on a glassy lake

Eating anything I can put sriracha on


Being a photographic artist, I absolutely LOVE being right up in where all the action is to make sure I capture exactly what I'm visualizing! Whether it's getting down on the dance floor to photograph wedding guests at their most authentic selves or up on the hill almost getting ran over by dirt bikes, I want to be right where the best shot will take me. My passion for motorsports, photography, and people drive my success, and I can't picture myself doing anything else!

Nominations and Publishings

2013 San Joaquin Wedding Magazine - Summer Edition

I had the honor of getting published in San Joaquin Wedding Magazine's Summer 2013 Edition for Drennen and Tanner's gorgeous ranch style wedding on page 62, 63 & 82. The location was at family-owned Dodasa Ranch in Valley Springs, CA when I was photographing through my first self-ran photography company, Lola Marie Photography.

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2017 Top 9 Pleasanton, CA Portrait Photographers

Late last year, I received an email from explaining that I had made top 9 best portrait photographers in Pleasanton, CA. Thank you to all who voted and for this super sweet nomination, you are rockstars!!

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